We are honored and excited that Inner Fire has agreed to contribute to our upcoming Integrative Mental Health Summit! Inner Fire is in the company of more than 40 of the most innovative and effective individuals in the mental health field who are coming together to share their information and inspiration with our audience from October 8-10th.  — Journey’s Dream

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Dear Parents,
We are grateful to be able to refer you to this link which honors the challenges parents are also meeting as they and their offspring navigate the mental/soul health challenges so prevalent in our society.

We have found some colleagues! (https://www.madinamerica.com/2017/03/the-door-to-a-revolution-in-psychiatry-cracks-open)

Also “Will We Wake for Pity’s Sake” by Beatrice Birch.

Links in relation to the dangers of Psychotropic Meds

Inner Fire: Where Seekers Have a Choice

An essential book to read is Robert Whitaker’s: The Anatomy of an Epidemic.

  • Robert Whitaker: YouTube Video:


  • This is a very comprehensive interview with Michael Cornwall:


  • Dr. Loren Mosher who started Soterie House, for people wrestling with what’s called schizophrenia with no meds:




  • The Marketing of Madness:


  • An excellent website (daily additions are made):


  • Review various stories related to “Eye witness to the ruination…”:


  • For stories of people coming off their meds:


  • For themes related to medication of (foster) children:


  • The Best Medicine