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Whole Foods Cook / Cooking Guide

Are you passionate about the role nutrition plays in healing?

Do you love cooking and teaching others to cook healthy food that tastes good?

You can be a part of people’s healing journey here at Inner Fire by providing nutritious meals in our beautiful country kitchen for 12+ Seekers (Residents) and staff. See  www.innerfire.us

Inner Fire is looking for a Whole Foods Chef / Cooking Guide who can teach cooking as an empowering life skill while creating delicious meals for our community of Seekers and Guides.  The diet supports immune and gut health, is gluten free and uses high quality ingredients that are locally grown and organic whenever possible.

We are looking for individuals who are:

  • Interested and experienced in accompanying and guiding persons (seekers) searching for deep and comprehensive healing and aiming to reclaim their lives

  • Compassionate, grounded, flexible and self-motivated

  • Cooperative and work well in partnership with other staff (guides)

  • Organized and have experience working in food service, managing and training others how to work within a set framework

  • Willing to learn and grow from challenging experiences

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Prepare breakfast, lunch, snacks and soup for dinner

  • Teach cooking skills to Seekers and work alongside them to produce the daily meals

  • Follow and teach Seekers proper kitchen protocols to maintain food safety standards

  • Help Seekers stay present and focused on kitchen work though they may be feeling challenged internally.

  • Cultivate cooking as a mindful and centering practice

  • De-escalate situations as they arise; assist seekers working through inner struggles

  • Create and maintain kitchen policies and protocols

  • Train Guides and Seekers on kitchen policies and protocols including food safety, storage and specific dietary needs of individual seekers

  • Follow up with Guides when any issues arise regarding work in the kitchen and serving meals

  • Plan weekly menus; ensure menus are posted a week in advance

  • Order and purchase food weekly

  • Develop and maintain relationships with vendors

  • Review, further develop and implement Kitchen Curriculum with Seekers

  • Maintain organization and cleanliness of kitchen

  • Stock kitchen and update inventory weekly

  • Work collaboratively with outdoor guides to process and store produce harvested from our garden

  • Attend weekly meetings and provide input regarding Seeker’s progress

  • Write weekly and monthly reports for each Seeker

Qualifications – Education, Knowledge and Experience with:

  • Whole foods cooking

  • Cooking instruction

  • Nutrition

  • Food preservation (canning, freezing and drying)

  • Use of culinary and medicinal herbs

  • Food safety

  • Teacher / Social Worker background

  • Experience working with challenged people

  • Non-violent Communication (preferred)

  • Tension Reduction skills (preferred)

  • Time management and organizational skills

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

  • First Aid / CPR Certified

  • Use of Google Docs / Drive, and Microsoft Office (Excel)

  • Knowledge of costs of goods, inventory controls, budgeting, and purchasing

  • Kitchen management in a residential setting

  • Weston Price Foundation


  • Full Time: Monday through Friday 6 am to 2 pm

  • Occasional Training of Guides on Weekend Days

Compensation and Benefits

  • $20 an hour, with a potential increase in pay after 3 months based on performance and experience

  • Paid time off (earn 1 day off each month beginning after two months of work)

  • Breakfast, snack and lunch provided during shift

To Apply: