At Inner Fire, we believe healing is a right and therefore should not be a privilege. We make every effort to keep costs low without compromising the integrity of the program which aims at deep healing. Our wish is that no one is barred from engaging in their healing process because of finances alone. However, due to financial constraints, we are currently more limited in our ability to realize these ideals than we would like to be.

Currently the cost of the year-long program to the seeker is $150,000, which means $12,500 a month and $411 a day.

The commitment is for a year and payments can be made monthly. After the interviewing process and upon acceptance, a non-refundable deposit is made which holds the individual’s place. This will also cover the twelfth month. Upon beginning the program, payment for the first month is due.

There is limited financial aid available in our Support a Seeker Fund. An application can be requested by contacting

We are in dialogue with the Vermont Department of Mental Health and state politicians as it is our wish to be used as a pilot project and to receive state sponsorship for five seekers a year for five years, at half the cost of what the state pays. As striving individuals come off their meds, heal and reclaim their lives, the potential long-term savings for the state and insurance companies are immense. One day the financial wisdom in supporting preventative care and deep healing will hopefully be recognized. Until then we must rely on helping those in financial need through the limited private funding of our Support a Seeker Fund. We also encourage you to explore possible support from family, friends, and your community.