At Inner Fire, we believe healing is a right, not a privilege. We make every effort to keep costs low without compromising the integrity of the program which aims at deep healing. We also believe that no one should be prevented from engaging in their healing process because of financial constraints.

Inner Fire is a nonprofit 501(c)3, private pay organization. However, thanks to the support of many generous donors, we are able to offer financial assistance to qualifying individuals and families who meet need-based financial criteria. Please contact Inner Fire’s Admissions Office at (802) 221-8051 for more detailed information and to receive the confidential, needs-based, Financial Aid Application.

Admission Criteria

  • Wants to avoid or withdraw from psychotropic medications
  • Recognizes the need for deeper healing on a soul spiritual level
  • Desires support to establish and maintain rhythms through the withdrawal and healing process
  • Wants to change and grow
  • Are prepared to fully engage in this intensive, therapeutic program
  • Age 18 or older
  • Are drug, tobacco and alcohol free
  • Self-administers medication with staff supervision
  • Are safe to themselves and others
  • Are supportive to others and willing and able to live cooperatively
  • Maintains personal hygiene and grooming