Open Houses are offered on the first Tuesday of the month from 2:15-4.
RSVP’s to are essential.

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  • If you are not reading this from our website, please read and review our Inner Fire website: including all interviews and videos.
  • Call or email Beatrice Birch, Director, at 802-221-8051 or to discuss and confirm your interest.
  • Request our Seeker Handbook.
  • Review the Seeker Handbook with responsible family members.
  • Review the Admissions Application available on our website.
  • Visit one of our upcoming Open Houses if you are able.
  • Check out our Facebook page for the current happenings and events at Inner FIre.
  • Plan a Three Day Visit – for the applicant to experience our daytime program and see how Inner Fire may be a good fit. (Visit details listed below)
  • Download and complete the Three Day Visit Application as a Word document.

Submit the following to
* Applicants autobiography (details below)
* Two additional biographies about the applicant (details below).
Finalize visit dates with the office – (802) 221-8051

Complete and mail your three day visit application and a check (details below) to reserve your space: Inner Fire, 26 Parker Road, Brookline, VT 05345

Autobiography – Potential seeker shall write 3-5 pages on the following: Topics to include:

  • Childhood, adolescent, young adult and current life stories
  • Challenges, “breaks” or traumatic experiences you have had
  • Have you had any violent episodes? What were the reasons for such?
  • Are you on medications? Which, how much, and for how long?
  • Your present emotional, spiritual, physical and mental state
  • Reason you are interested in Inner Fire
  • How you think / feel / hope your participation at Inner Fire could support you
  • What you hope to achieve (your aims) in your time at Inner Fire.
  • Additional topics you are invited to include:
  • Hobbies / activities you enjoy
  • Notable accomplishments: Family, Social, Educational, Vocational, Extracurricular
  • Hopes and dreams for your future
  • Anything else you would like to share

Biographies – Two individuals who have known the applicant for much, if not all of his/her life, shall each write a 3-5 page biography. We ask you not to read the applicants autobiography or other biographies before writing your own as we appreciate all perspectives, knowing no one has a complete view. Include the following points and anything else you would like to share:

  • Relationship to applicant
  • Describe the applicant’s birth and early years.
  • What were their personal qualities throughout their years?
  • What has changed over time and why?
  • From your perception, what may have led to the challenges the applicant is now facing?
  • What are your hopes / desires / expectations for the applicant’s journey at Inner Fire?
  • Are you aware of any violent episodes and the causes of the episodes?

Seeker Handbook and Admissions Application Because of the often quick turn-around time between a Seekers visit and the time they begin here at Inner Fire, we ask each Seeker and their responsible family members to review the Seekers Handbook AND review and complete the Admissions Application BEFORE their three day visit. It is important they bring both the Handbook and their completed application to their three day visit. Please contact Beatrice at for a copy of the Seeker Handbook.

Download Admissions Application

Three-day visit details

  • Download and complete the Three Day Visit Application:
  • Applicant writes and sends their auto-biography, and two additional biographies are sent by persons who have accompanied and known the applicant for many years.
  • The non-refundable fee of $1700.00 needs to arrive a week before the starting date of the Three-Day Visit.
  • Visits are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6:45am to 8:00 pm. Applicant will fully engage in our Inner Fire program of practical work and therapies.
  • Please review the “What to Bring List’ and come appropriately prepared for the weather and work situations, bringing gloves and indoor shoes etc.
  • Arrange overnight accommodations for you and applicant at a local (Brookline, Newfane, Townshend, Williamsville, Brattleboro) Airbnb, bed and breakfast or hotel for the nights before, during and after the three day visit.
  • If the applicant is serious and knows they want to join the program, they are strongly encouraged to fill-out and send in the Admissions Application (see above for PDF and Word downloads) before their 3 Day-Visit so they would be able to join the Community the following Monday.

Day One of Seeker Visit

  • Seeker arrives at 6:45 am and participates in the days practical work, therapy sessions, meals and evening activity until 8:00 pm
  • Accompanying family member(s) and friend(s) meet with the Director for a talk and tour of Inner Fire.

Day Two

  • Seeker engages in the 6:45 am to 8:00 pm daily program
  • Accompanying family member(s) and friend(s) meet with the Director for a conversation and tour of Inner Fire. Time will be arranged.

Day Three

Seeker engages in the 6:45 am to 8:00 pm program and meets with Inner Fire guides at 1:30 pm for a conversation and to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings about coming to Inner Fire.

It is important for the Seeker to take time to consider their decision. If their wish is to join the Inner Fire community, the Seeker is still encouraged to ‘sleep on their decision’ knowing it could be possible to start the following Monday. They are encouraged to phone the Executive Director the next day, Saturday.  802-221-8051 x 1000 with a suggested ‘start date’.

 Remember, if the Seeker is quite certain they want to start straight after their 3 Day Visit, they need to have sent their Admission’s Application in a week before their arrival for their 3 Day Visit.

Confirm Decisions – Contact Beatrice at 802-221-8051

 If Yes:

  • Seeker requests a desired start date.
  • Seeker needs to review the “What to Bring List” and come with the majority of the necessary items.
  • First and last month’s (i.e., the deposit) tuition are due on a Seeker’s first day.

If Wait / Maybe – perhaps you need more time, we understand this is a significant decision and are happy to dialogue about any concerns and best timing.

If No – We would value understanding the reasons for your decision.