October 2020
Greetings Friends!

We are bringing change and you can help!

Inner Fire is far more than an empowering, healing community offering a ‘choice’ for 12 concurrent Seekers in southern Vermont. Inner Fire is a reminder of the care needed for deep healing: love and respect, insights and compassion, patience and forgiveness. The recognition that we are creators rather than victims and therefore have the freedom to be proactive in our healing journey, is essential. Inner Fire is a catalyst, and we are getting inquiries from around the world.

Having completed the East Wing of the Inner Fire Home, with this letter, we are appealing for your generous donations to complete the Heart (Center) and the West Wing of the Inner Fire Home. Our need is for $850,000. As our community grows, our need for more office and therapy space is crucial. In addition, we need a community room where we can cre-ate artistically together, exploring, and discovering our latent gifts, and nourishing our thirsty Souls be it through drama, movement, clay, or drawing. Self-confidence and courage grow together. Inner Fire is all about tapping untapped wells within our innermost Self. As we do this, our traumatized soul finds balance…and of course, the soul informs the brain. Appreciating the brain is not an isolated entity, we focus on soul health, healing from within, rather than mental health.

We would like to offer Respites for individuals who are employed but long for the support to change unhelpful habits and begin to independently reclaim their lives. Retreats are also needed for exhausted, confused, angry family members who seek support and greater understanding. Suicidal psychiatrists, other practitioners and nurses who feel trapped within the system, unable to give their innate gifts, would be welcome to come and replenish themselves via the artistic therapies, the work program and the diet. They will experience healing happening at Inner Fire and learn from experienced practitioners who have found a way to serve struggling individuals more humanely.

During these challenging times, I am aware of a steadfastness here at Inner Fire. The need to remain positive, to be creative, diligent, and faithful as now more than ever, stress, isolation and fear riddle our society and the suicide rate increases along with the use of alcohol, other illicit drugs and cocktails of psychotropic medications. The deep subconscious sounds within many individuals to strengthen our immune system, digest our challenging life experiences, and heal our Self through developing an inner discipline. More than ever, the need for Inner Fire’s rhythmic and nurturing community program, focus on strengths and inner discoveries, while acknowledging the whole human being – body, soul and spirit – is desperately needed.

Chaos can bring life. It can lead to deep, essential changes. More than ever, the choice Inner Fire offers is crucial, and often, a matter of life and death. As many of you know, Inner Fire is being watched and supported by those in leadership positions within mental health systems, and by concerned citizens from all walks of life. Everyone knows someone who has either taken their life or hates being poly-medicated. Being poly-medicated typically means living a zombie type existence, having no options but to lose ones sense of Self, and any sense of empowerment under the influence of big pharma’s ‘best practice.’

On all fronts the need is great.

Please be part of this wave bringing a more human approach to healing by supporting choice for those who seek to serve, and for those desperate individuals who want to be proactive in their healing journey.
Please, reach deep into your pockets and support the completion of the Inner Fire Home. Our physical home needs to be completed allowing us to expand in many crucial ways.

For more details please see our Capital Campaign information on our home page: www.innerfire.us.

On behalf of the Seekers, Guides, Board and Advisory Board,

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